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Dressing LIKE A GENTLEMAN over centuries have always been equated with a STUBBORN CONSERVATISM. By this l mean a DRESS CODE that has been touted to have its roots in ENGLAND, and that is ACCEPTED AROUND THE WORLD TODAY AS CLASSIC STYLE! Anyone who would be qualified to be addressed with the moniker "WELL-DRESSED" must of a NECESSITY (legality), have imbibed the templates of LONDON | PARIS | BRUSSELS | DÜSSELDORF | ROME | MILAN | NEW YORK or TOKYO. Rebels like me have added OYO | LAGOS | ABUJA | JOHANNESBURG | SANDTON to mention but a few in this clime.

For me, dressing like a gentleman contrary to the stubborn conservatism of appearing in immaculately pressed pin ? stripe trousers ? , black jacket and waistcoat, stiff white collar and neatly knotted tie, crowned with smart black hat could only be a signature.

There's an old proverb that l lean towards in my definition of gentlemanlike. It defines "genius" as "an infinite capacity for taking pains," for me, this description fits more perfectly for defining a GENTLEMAN. The REAL gentleman is one who leaves nothing to chance. It's not enough to make sure one's clothes are smart, of the finest cut and quality, and in immaculate order.

Imagine Billy Bennett - an English Comedian who once described himself as "Billy Bennett - Almost a Gentleman." Gosh! The concept sounds outrages and l m not surprised he didn't make good of his career despite his immense talents and skillfulness at his game. One cannot be "Almost a Gentleman". One either is, or one isn't. There's no mid-point. Standards are set, and must be kept up. It is better not to try to appear to be a gentleman if one is likely to fail to make the grade. Little wonder, Edmund BURKE, the 18th Century POLITICAL philosopher once remarked in a letter to a friend: " A KING tea length prom dresses ? may create a nobleman, but he cannot create a gentleman" lndeed, all the wealth and power in the world cannot create a gentleman. But it's desirable and attainable and if one honestly endeavours to become one and succeeds...! Ah, then a precious and delightful world is open ? to one - a world which FEW ARE PERMITTED TO INHABIT. And then one realizes that BEING A GENTLEMAN IS NOT SIMPLY ABOUT LOOKS - though it may pass for an essential prerequisite. It's about HOW ONE BEHAVES.

For a gentleman iz always THOROUGHLY DECENT, ALWAYS INSTINCTIVELY DOES THE RIGHT THING. For instance, when one is a gentleman, one makes sure all the women and children are safely in the lifeboats while one goes down with the ? - that's SACRIFICIAL. One never maltreats a pet let alone a friend. One knows when a LADY desires company and when she wishes to be left alone (even when she's one's spouse). One is always polite, even in the face of arrogant rudeness on the part of lesser mortals. Are you for real? Yes, a rather tough call but that's what it means when it's called STANDARDS.

Becoming a gentleman is a PROCESS and always requires several DISCIPLINE and it always takes several years, and it is BETTER that way. Like a man ? or woman's wardrobe which must grow like the decorations of an apartment- the process is continuous. It is also a HIGHLY INDIVIDUAL PROCESS, which can, and should, LEAD each of us to a UNIQUE PERSONALITY. As must have been already opined,,clothes and accessories are the visiting card of an individual but one thing should be clear: Clothes do not make a man ? GENTLEMAN - a REAL GENTLEMAN is always a gentleman, even without his clothes.

Clothes are the visiting cards and that's why we travel as far as London, Paris, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Paris to get them but a gentleman personality I more important to match these clothes.

Happy weekend folks