sweet 16 court wears

Party Fun!
A mouse in undies, polka-dot, climbs, up red mushroom, with white spots,
To get his share, of yellow cheese, from denizens, of Land, Faerie!
Wee sprites arrive, in purple, dressed, small visions, of bright loveliness!
While other mice eat mellow cheese, and frogs, with big smiles, shoot the breeze!
And even bugs, join, in the fun; this party is for everyone!
The flowers make great party hats, and smell just great, on top, of that!
Donna L. Ferguson Dudley, copyright 2016 2/23/16
Peg Maltby: FairyFolk
Female illustrator who drew romantic images of indigenous people for children's books. Illustrator, drew sentimental Aboriginal figures illustrating children's books. . Flourished. fl. c.1895 - c.1984. View the full record at Design and Art Australia Online ... sweet 16 court wears