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Let me preface these small thoughts of mine with an apology if anyone has taken offence of the caption and content of this piece. I know there has been no shortage of people who have spoken about sanitation in africa, However the issue of sanitation remains an evergreen subject and as topical as it is relevant.

to start with, it is said that on the day of creation, God looked at the slitterd eyed chines and said "what an amazing creation". He looked at the Arabs and said "what a wonderful creation" . God looked at the whites and said what an amazing creation and then looked at the black creation and said what a perfect creation, I perfect my creation here.

Years down the line after the creation of the black race, there is no doubt that God on his throne by now will be wondering and asking, YOU THIS BLACK CREATION, WHO HAS BEWITCHED YOU?

We claim to have the monopoly of wisdom when it comes to matters of religion and God. yet our actions oppose the popular statement of our scriptures that say "CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS"

On Sundays churches will be full with the congregation neatly dressed singing and shouting hallelujah yet next to the church is a hill of garbage and a drainage chocked with filth.

On Fridays mulims will be dressed in expensive batakali heading to the mosque to give praises to God yet their backyard is very filthy as filthy can be.

And on Saturdays and Sundays you will meet our men and women on the principal streets of our cities, some wearing as gold as the houses they can build and wearing as dresses as the latrines they can build in their houses, only to go and sit by filthy gutters in the name of gracing wedding ceremonies and afterwards openly deficate. Oh Africans!! How could this be? short halter prom dresses

How much is it to build a latrine?

How much is it to dig a soakaway?

How much is it to buy a dustbin to properly keep your waste at home?

But because we think in the reverse, we see this simple things to be more expensive and less important than our health and that of the next generation.

It is estimated in some parts of africa life expectancy to be around 53 years. That is the age of a toddler in Japan. africans are dying in their youth because of diseases and poverty we have artificially created and accepted as a culture.

on the 6th of March 1957, the man born ahead of his time, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was as enthusiastic as he was eloquent when he said " The black man is capable of managing his own affairs".
60yrs down the line one is compelled to ask such an uncomfortable questions "

is this how best the black man intended as at then to manage his own affairs?

Is it the case that all along the black man intended to deliberately pollute his environment and then when he falls sick and death glaring at him, he then runs to the white man for vacine?

Is it the case that the black man only was enslaved and colonised but never learnt anything from the life of the white man?

Is it the case that even with globalisation of culture we cannot adopt to any culture that will best serve our environment and our health?

Today as we speak, Ghana government alone spends close to a $120million dollars annually on only sanitation, YES I MEAN OVER GHC 400MILLION. Monies that we could have invested in building our roads and strengthen our educational system. However our nagative attitudes compels the government to waste this monies on our own waste.

And the absurd thing is we even run to europe and America begging for these monies to manage our own waste.

I have no doubt in my mind that many of this uncomfortable questions are still in the state of formation, but then the least I have aired are enough to appreciate the fact that, we africans have taken a deliberate decision to be a backward continent and not that this is what God has decreed for us.

If Africa want to join the dinner table of civilization, we must begin with the mind. We need our minds to change our minds. We are not cursed neither are we bewitched, we only need an attitude adjustment.

To be continued.............


Prof.Ashraf Jarah
An advocate of prosperity.