sequin prom and formal outfits with bling

This is a friend of mine that is associated with my Church that has an AMAZING program that helps ANY student in need of help for Prom! ANYTHING and everything you could think of!! If you are a mom on my friends list and are struggling to afford Prom or know a school age student that could make a trip to Portland, TN. for some aid in Prom....come on!! She said it is available to any student, no matter what school!!!!
Everything from dresses to shoes and jewelry, hair, dinner and transportation to the prom!!
She has a Huge heart ? ? ? and this is beyond amazing.
I was already living on my own at this age, so it would have been amazing to have had a program like this to have helped me go to prom.
And if you're on the other end of it and would just like to help donate she could always use more help!!!!
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As most of you know, I have been involved with Generation Church over the past years in helping students in need to get to their proms. Prom is expensive and we believe that money should not be a factor in these students not getting to make these memories just like their peers. We not only help students with gowns, but tuxes, shoes, flowers, dinners and more! This event is open to any student regardless of school or location. This event is once again approaching! sequin prom and formal outfits with bling
We will be hosting the event at Crafton Barn off Hwy 52 in Portland on March 3rd. If you have any donations of gowns, shoes or jewelry (classic style or within 5 years old - please no bridesmaids dresses) then we would appreciate your donations to help these students. We only have a few short weeks left to accept donations. Donations can be dropped off at Exit Realty Garden Gate offices in Portland and Gallatin.
If you don't have any of these items, but still want to help, we also accept donations of dinner gift cards and gas gift cards as well.
This event has served many students over the past years and we look forward to getting to help again! Please join us in prayer as well for this event, not only for the students, but for the volunteers involved! Let me know of any questions :)