purple evening gowns


The organist began a beautiful aria and the assembly of the bridal party glimmered in the low candle lights. The incense lent a holy, hallowed ambiance to the huge hall, and the fireplaces were blaring and soaring with high heat to keep the guests warm on this cold night.

Her feet were unsteady in her ivory low heels, her heart doing leaps like a frog inside her chest, Justine Cassandra Pavel, dressed in a white Bohemian lace wedding gown, clung to her father's arm as she approached the altar, and when the music stopped, she looked around and found Adrian, and suddenly she felt all right. It was going to be all right. As long as he was there she would be able to get through this. He winked at her and tried not to let on that he was shaking too. Nervousness had never been a problem, until now!

This was it! They were getting married! It was no rehearsal! This was real! He shook even more with that sobering realization! From this moment on there was no turning back! This moment turned him frozen with fear yet bold with foresight and plans for their future.

Now Echo, dressed in a soft white glowing satin dress, spoke from the altar:

"Who giveth this woman in the pledge of marriage with this man?"

"I, her father, King Austin Pavel, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and her late mother, Cathryn, do give her to this man in pledge of marriage." He stood proudly with Justine by his side, feeling her sweaty trembling hand in his.

"And who giveth this man in pledge of marriage with this woman?" asked Echo.

"I, his father, King Gareth Gabriel Leonardo of The Enchanted Glen of the Royal Realm of Maine, and his late mother, Aria, and his stepmother, my wife Leaf Alaena Allorio Leonardo, do pledge our son to this woman." said Gareth, as proud of his son as the day he was born to he and Aria. Gareth stood by Adrian and smiled at him. But Adrian was only looking at Justine. He smiled at her, and she tried to look away but couldn't. She wanted to bolt out of her father's grasp and grab onto him and never let him go!

Echo continued, "In as much as your parents have given their blessing in front of the Royal Order of Dhamphir, in the presence of Their Royal Highnesses Gareth and Leaf, and in front of this company, now it is time for you, Adrian, to take your solemn vows in front of all the Realm and Kingdom of Dhamphir, and pledge yourself to your chosen bride. Take her left hand and repeat after me: "I, Adrian Gareth Leonardo, take you, Justine Cassandra Pavel, for my one true wife, from this night forward and for all eternity, and now I to you belong.

"I, Adrian Gareth, take you, Justine Cassandra Pavel, to be my one true wife, from this night forward and for all eternity, and now I to you belong." Adrian grinned at Justine, taking her hand in his, facing her boldly.

She smiled, then waited for Echo to address her. Echo intoned the words to be said, and Justine turned and faced Adrian.

"I, Justine Cassandra Pavel, take you, Adrian Gareth Leonardo, to be my one true husband, from this night forward and for all eternity, and now I to you belong." She took his ring and put it on his finger, and then they looked up at Echo, who raised both her arms heavenward, and looked at all the congregation and then at the couple in front of her. The rings were as
different as night from day, hers a silver band with a two golden dragon designs on both sides of a round diamond, with designs etched in them. His was a copper colored Dragon's head band. She held up their left hands for all the company to see, and spoke out, "Whoever sees these rings on Adrian's and Justine's finger will know that they are one true wife and one true husband to each other, and no one will break this bond forged here tonight in this Royal company. Let it be known!" then Echo lowered their hands.

"In as much as Justine and Adrian have pledged and promised one to the other the sanctity of eternal wedlock, I pronounce that they are now and forever shall be husband and wife, each to the other, belonging only with and to each other, for as long as eternity shall last. Now you will forget loneliness, forget sorrow, for you have in each other your true North star and your heart's desire; wherever you go, you go with your whole heart. The two of you are now one flesh and one blood, one life from two, a rainbow from the rain. The light from out of the dark. You are each other's salvation and redeemer. You are the hope and the love each feels in each other's heartbeat. Now you honor each other with a lifetime of joy and happiness. You are one!" Echo smiled sincerely, earnestly, and then added, "You may kiss your bride!" purple evening gowns

As the applause crescendoed, the couple kissed, feeling every word of the promise was exactly how they felt about marriage, about each other, and about their time together. It was from tonight forward, and for all eternity!

All graphics courtesy of our Queen of the Graphics, Gina Marucci, with our thanks and respect.

'Go confidently in the direction of your dreams: the True North Star, our guiding light, to look and know to find each other there.' Adrian and Justine, on their wedding night.