light blue wedding dresses

GOOD NIGHT LAUGHTER let laugh to beer
covid419 in Nigeria
1..The Corona in Nigeria is different from
others countries.
Nigeria own is covid-419
2.. Am not even sure what will kill somebody
again ......
Corona dey outside ..
hunger dey inside ..
konji dey inside inside
3.. I pity those gurlz that bleach
Imagine ur cream finish during this lockdown
U'll come out as a new creature
4.. .*After this whole Corona wahala, u go
dey hear wedding colours like:.......
Quarantine Green n Isolated yellow ....
Pandemic purple n covid blue .......
Indoor white n shutdown blue ........
Sanitizer white n mask peach ......
5.. Not all men are romantic.....
if u see d way some men pull of their ladies
panties b4 sex,you will think they are starting
a generator
6..I want a girlfriend that'll fix my picture in light blue wedding dresses
their gate and write "Beware Of Him, He's My
7..Some ladies would close the door and
window even draw curtain and off light to
dress they still come out half naked
Sister!! should we off the sun too???
8..You would be doing your business in
peace with joy and one devil will whisper to
you " My pikin,go and borrow money in LAPO
9..Together we can fight this Deadly Virus
Pls wash ur hands before Touching the Water
10..CORONA VIRUS wey go kee my Client
Make E kukuma kee my EX
I can't be heartbroken and unfortunate at the
same time
11..Mom: why is ur result so bad
Me: bad things happen to good people
12..My Maturity has nothing to do with my
Am just here to Laugh and Lie
13..I held a Naked Wire today
Now I know wat Fireboy meant by vibration
14..Today,I saw my ex selling roasted corn at
the road side.She run immediately she saw
she didn't know I was coming to inform her
that I sell charcoal
15..Don't date if you're not ready to have sex
this is not zeeworld
that any small thing u will be dancing up and
down ...
mind ur self........
16..Ask for my account number nd send
money for form nd other stuff if you know you
wan enter kingdom of God .........
dont see me there and be sayin bros you no
tell me na.
A nough is a word for d noice
17.. Between Lizard And Weed Smokers
Who Love Uncompleted Building Most keep
on laughing