dark green prom dress

OH!! ? You guys, I HAVE to share this with you! this is a wonderful story about this woman's sweet Mama ? ? ? ? ? ?

“Y’ALL! This was a HUGE deal today ‼️ My 86 yr old mom, who is living with the early stages of a terrible degenerative illness, which eats away at your mind, body, and soul, has NOT left the house in over a month.

On top of that, she has had no energy, hot/cold spells constantly, low appetite, difficultly sleeping, and feeling rather “punk” as she puts it! ? ♀️ Our family has been so worried and didn’t know if she would ever get out of her pajamas and leave the house again!

But HOORAY for the power of PINK! ? ? Without knowing how, or if, it would even help (although I had an inkling ? ), after only 4 days of of drinking Pink, I came over yesterday, and Mom had slept in, was alert and active all day, did not complain even ONCE of being hot or cold, and asked for 3rds at dinner! ?

Then TODAY, 5 days of pink, I came over to see Mom up and dressed, and she says, “I want you to take me to get my hair done today. I’m ready if you’re ready!” Whaaaaat??? ? ? ? Her first day out of the house in at least 5 weeks!!!

Not only that, but she even wanted to WALK all the way across the mall to Chick Fil A to eat! She did struggle with that, even with a cane and while holding on to my arm, and I had to catch her fall once ? , but STILL! She hadn’t used those muscles in a long time!

Words cannot even describe how HAPPY I am! ? THIS is why I do what I do! I am always still so AMAZED at this little Pink Drink! You may be skeptical, and I totally get it. But I am a BELIEVER. I’ve experienced it for myself. I’ve seen it help so many others, and now my own mom. How can I not share this with everyone? It is waaaaay more than just weight loss.” dark green prom dress ? ❤️

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