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You know.... I am so tired of the intolerant elite "handful" of people demeaning the huge majority of Americans who are conservativeS. They act like pious jerks all the while promoting the murder of babies who feel pain in the womb like that's okay. They enable people to stay locked in a welfare system as if they are running a plantation - and for saying this - I am called racists. For anyone that loves Jesus - they scream obscenities and discount the Inteligence of the very people that gave them their station in life. I am fed up with being pushed down because I choose to believe the Constitution and all the rights that it allows in my life - yes, I have a gun. They justify hatred and call it protest. They hide behind "dreamers" all the while KNoWiNg the statistics of illegal immigrants that murder and rape Anerican citizens. They hashtag for women yet say absolute nothing about the women abused under sharia law. They disregard the Bible as out dated. And to my conservative Christian artist that don't want to lose a fan or rock the boat with your opinion - I say, Shame on you. To be silent is to be lukewarm. And right now - I am HOT. column wedding gown

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