blue short prom dresses

UNIVERSAL COLOR CODE: (update, to improve) Order of colors; White, Grey, Black then Brown then as in rainbow; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Lilac purple then Natural then Clear then Image.
BUILDINGS: White; exterior and interior walls, ceilings, roof, including window frames, cupboards. Grey; fly screen, fences, hen house chicken wire. Black; bench top for kitchen, toilet seat, seat as part of building, park bench seat with bolts into ground, seat component of taxi bus stop shelter. Brown; all doors. Red; heater, fire place, hot water heater shower head. Orange; handles, door handles. Yellow; lamp post pole and socket for light bulb. Green; clean water; drinking water tank, pipe, outlet tap (faucet), shower head, rain water tank, roof gutters and rain water down pipe. Blue; cooling air conditioner. Lilac purple; sewer drains. Image; 2x mirrors slightly acute of right angle in corners. Natural; indoor floors such as of timber and stone tiles. Background camouflage; cleaning and sanitation bowls; sink, tub, and toilet bowl, soap holder. Clear; windows.
CLOTHES: White; shade clothing for both genders; cool summer shade hat including drop down head net to protect from insects, long sleeve shade shirt and long shade pants. Grey; thermal insulation clothing for both genders; coat jacket, pants, human shape sleeping bag, human shape sleeping bag, gloves, beanie and trapper hat to protect from cold winter including heater pads. Black; for men shorts pants below blue polo shirt may tuck in for men. Brown; all footwear and gloves; cool sandal for summer, elastic sides boots for moderate seasons and sheep skin shearling boots for cold, waterproof boots for slush and socks. Red; for females thermal insulation clothing; coat jacket, pants, hat and gloves to protect from cold winter including heater pads and human shape sleeping bag. Orange; rescue and safety, hi-viz work vest, emergency services jacket, fire jacket, hard hat safety helmet, flotation vest, survival suit, life jacket, security police vest. Yellow; female short dress over red bikini bra and briefs. Green; waterproof outer wear; rain coat jacket, hood, pants, and gloves to protect from wet such as rain for both genders. Blue; man cool summer lightweight short sleeve shirt and cooling ice bag pocket vest to cool in hot summer. Lilac purple; heighten; female tampon and male condom, gas filter on scuba mouthpiece. Clear; safety goggles such as ski and gas goggles (with coating so no reflection). Background; mesh such as extendable from hat to exclude insects. Image; photo identification pass. Natural blend; solar energy collector.
FABRIC: White; towels, handkerchief, bathroom towel, paper towels, toilet paper. Grey; Thermal insulation inner blanket such as of merino wool. Black; seating padding and chair cover, under bedding such as fitting sheet and pillow case, table cloth, protective desk mat, cabinet top mat. Brown: bag, wallet, backpack, belt bag, wrapping paper. Red; electric heater under blanket. Orange; bandage, band aid, wound cover. Yellow; interior curtains. Green; water proof fly tarp such as camping blanket outer layer, tent, umbrella, drinking water bladder, sleeping bags and camping blanket with waterproof exterior side and thermally insulating inward side. Blue; air cooling evaporation pad for fly screen. Lilac purple; garbage bag, poop bag. Clear; food wrap. Natural; inner layer insulation between two exterior layers. Background camouflage; mesh such as fishing net, mesh fence to exclude vermin, fly screen to exclude insects, filter cover mesh on intake of down pipe from gutter, rainwater tank overflow cover mesh so no mosquito plague, fencing mesh such as chicken and bird house wire mesh, concrete reinforcement mesh. Image; flag.
VEHICLES: White; passenger vehicle, people carrier, taxi, bus, train, aircraft, ferry, family car. Grey; military patrol boats, torpedo, fighter drone, missile, robot tank, carrier. Black; wheels, tires and underside. Brown; cargo transport; container, bulk and parcel; ship and train, parcel delivery van, teleport postal box. Red; fire fighting truck and drone water bomber. Orange; rescue; ambulance, emergency services, tow truck, breakdown service, aid delivery. Yellow; mining equipment, excavator, bulldozer, front end bucket loader, tunneling machine. Green; farm machinery; tractor, harvester, livestock truck and trailer, hen house. Blue: security police cage car. Lilac purple; garbage truck, sanitation vehicle, laundry van. Clear; window wind shield. Image; display, to only show True images of others outside while display is moving. Background camouflage; spy drones. Natural; for power manually and by weather such as of timber laminate canoe, sail boat, surfboard.
WEIGHT BEARING ROPE, THREAD, CABLE, STRAP. White; rope such as tow rope and climbing rope. Grey; wire saw blade, bow saw blade. Black; clothing belt. Brown; back pack straps. Red; barrier rope and tape such as at crime scene airport check in line barrier rope, event barrier rope. Orange; bandage. Yellow; lighting cable and chain. Green; garden trellis wire, plant pot hanging rope, growing training ties. Blue; well rope. Lilac purple; garbage bag lace. Clear; fishing line. Image; optical fiber for image transfer. Background camouflage; thread so same color as fabric. Natural; metal cable.
CONNECTORS; White; electric including electronic connector. Grey; clothes hanging hook, coat hanger, clothes line. Black; clothing belt buckle such as quick release hook connector. Brown; back pack connector such as quick release pack belt hook. Red; barrier rope and tape connector. Orange; tow and climbing rope connector. Yellow; socket for light bulb. Green; plant container hooks such as hooks into beam in ceiling. Blue; pulley. Lilac purple; wall hooks for sanitation equipment; broom, washing bag, dust pan, garbage bag, bathroom towel rail. Clear; fishing line and net connector. Image and background color; thread so same color as fabric. Natural; adhesive; glue, magnet.
ELECTRIC POWER, ELECTRONIC AND OPTIC COMMUNICATIONS CABLES INCLUDING CONNECTORS; White; mains outer. Grey; 23-25dc volts 1000watts and 2 fibre hybrid data and power cable outer. Black; safe 23-25dc volts negative. Brown; high voltage dc negative. Red; safe 23-25dc volts positive. Orange; high voltage dc outer with label. Yellow; property and mains 220volts to 240volts alternating ac active hot. Green; ground from earth. Blue; property and mains 220volts to 240volts alternating ac voltage neutral. Lilac purple; high voltage dc positive. Clear; fiber optic core. Image; cable tag label. Natural; metal core.
SYMBOLIC SIGNALS; White; edible indicator. Grey; stop signal. Black; top. Brown; generating power. Red; hot indicator signal. Orange; emergency hazard; floor and road hazard alert sign with illumination, slip hazard warning, alarm light. Yellow; lights on indicator. Green; power on and go signal (so just green traffic light when can go), with fallback to normal road rules. Blue; cooling and cold indicator. Lilac purple; toxic hazard signal. Clear; water level indicator. Image; selfie photo on pass card. Natural; food.
HANDLES, BUTTONS, KNOBS, PLUGS, TAPS, TRIGGER, LIDS, KEYS, PASSES and CURRENCY; White; food container lid. Grey; keyboard keys, dial knobs for radio frequency tuning and volume, such as for radio and pointer device such as mouse including buttons and scroll wheel. Black; trigger. Brown; battery compartment cover, tool and parts container lid, drawers front. Red; stop button and brake peddle. Orange; hand grip area, water bottle lid cap grip area, food container lid grip area, door handles, cupboard handles, drawer handles, tool box handles, tap handles. Yellow; light switch. Green; power on button, accelerator peddle. Blue; cool button, such as air cooler button on remote controller for to cool, freezer cool level dial. Lilac purple; flush button to go down drain and plug such as on toilet and to hold and drain contaminated liquids such as to drain from basin, sink and tub. Clear; meter lid cover. Image; selfie photo pass card. Natural; bullion (matte).
MANUAL TOOLS; White; food and water containers; crockery, bowl, cup, lunch box, drinking water bottle, food container (black lid with orange grip area on rim). Grey; tool bits and blades; cutlery blades such as of steak knives, fork and spoon (orange handle and white mid section), shaver blade section, blades of box cutter, scissor blades, chisel blade, grinder wheel, spear tip, paint removal scraper, saw blade, shovel blade, section of hammer to impact, claws of claw hammer, lathe bit, screwdriver bit, socket bit, spanner and wrench bit (orange lever handles). Black; chair, table, desk, bed, table, shelves. Brown; tool box, parts bin, shipping container, cupboard, front of drawers, parcel box. Red; fire extinguisher. Orange; handles on tools; drill, drawers, hammer, spanner, socket wrench, screwdriver. Yellow; writing stationary; publication paper such as for books, stapler, ruler, paper hole punch, tape measure, paint brush, pencil, eraser. Green; gardening; container pots for plants, rake mid section, stakes, hedge shears mid section, fork mid section, planting shovel mid section, pick mid section, weed grubber mid section (with orange handles and grey blades), hose fittings. Blue; Cooling ice bags. Ice box. Bed tubing mat so circulate cool water through from ice box. Lilac purple; cleaning and grooming head and bristles of broom, scrubbing brush, scourer, mop, toothbrush. cleaners bucket, rubbish bin, laundry basket. Clear; mug, jug, water bottle in blend with white. Image; photo and writing such as on paper. Natural; cookware burn marks such as of flame; billy kettle bottom after on fire and stove.
SOLID STATE ELECTRONIC DEVICES: White; antenna and wireless network router. Grey; all of mobile worn electronics; watch including wristband, headset, headphones, pocket mobile phone, mobile music player, hand hold worn transceiver, pocket radio receiver. Black; stationary communications equipment; video monitor display monitor screen, audio speaker and microphone, television, photo printer, camera, photo scanner, audio system, desk phone, desk microphone, wireless radio communications receiver and sender including antenna, cordless phone, radio sensor, radar, broadcast receiver box such as of television and radio, citizens bands ham radio frequency scanner receiver and transceiver, door bell, inter network router base station, base unit of home cordless phone. Brown; device memory data and information storage. Red; alarm; fire alarm, burgled alarm, security system, warning light, siren. Orange; security sensor motion alert, emergency rescue beacon such for boats, explorer and hikers, nurse call button in hospital, disabled medical assistance pendant call button. Yellow; measurement; electrical power meter, multi electronic meter, power meter, digital scales (with large brown solar panel on foot deck), electronic tape measure, electronic thermometer, clock such as a smart phone to stand on side. Green; water pump controller such as for irrigation. Blue; calculator, desktop and laptop computer, stream box. Lilac purple; toxic pollution hazard detector, meter and alert; geiger for radiation, electromagnetic radiation, drugs analyzer, infections tester. Clear; meter and innards window. Image; active screen. Natural; picture diagram. blue short prom dresses
POWER GENERATION AND POWER MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT; White; food processing appliances; mixer blender (blender chopper blades section under jug being grey, jug may be clear and lid black, green knob). Grey; cutting blades section of power tools; blades section of smoothie blender, lawn mower, power saw, chainsaw, hedge trimmer, power guillotine, chipper. Black; firearm weapon. Brown; power supply; battery, generator, energy collector, charge controller, inverter, power regulator, circuit breaker, rectifier, solar panels, compressor tank. Red; heating tools; flame tools, gas lighter, combustion stove, barbecue, gas furnace, electric heater, microwave oven, electric stove, soldering iron, electric kiln, electric heat dryer, electric welder, hot water heater, electric kettle with own element. Orange; industrial manufacturing and repair tools (white for food making); drill, industrial positioning robot, power press, cement mixer, nail staple gun, saw motor part; such as for metal, plastic, composite, ceramic, chemicals. Yellow; lens and light optical tools; laser printer and scanner. Green; agricultural, horticultural, timber carpentry, and vegetation control power tools, agricultural robot, fermentation vat tank, pump. Blue; cooling; air conditioner, fan, fridge (brown door). Lilac purple; cleaner frame, head and bristles; vacuum cleaner, washing machine, floor scrubber. Clear; tool innards window. Image; screen on power tool. Natural; wood for fire and carbon black on billy kettle after on fire.
LIFE: White; human skin blend with orange. Grey; biological control agents; cats, guard and attack dogs, gray ET. Black; man body hair only towards lower part of man. Brown; soil. Red; egg layers for food. Orange; human skin blend with white. Yellow; female scalp hear. Green; edible plants. Blue; pollinators. Lilac purple; flowers. Clear; eye lens. Image; vision. Natural; food and water.
HOSE, TUBE AND PIPE: White; flag pole. Grey; communications cables conduit. Black; solar to hot water collector hose. Brown: air compressor hose. Red; fire hose. Orange; fuel hose. Yellow; mining slurry pipe. Green; garden plant irrigation water hose, straw, drinking water bladder pack tube. Blue; coolant hose. Lilac purple; sewer drain. Clear; air with oxygen to breath. Image; telescope image? Natural; walking pole and stick.
WRITING: White; on black such as screen and male shirt. Grey; on red such microwave oven. Black; on white such as walls and shade hat. Brown; on green such as waterproof tarp and garden tools. Red; on grey such as winter clothing. Orange; on lilac purple such cleaning tools. Yellow; on blue such as on air cooling fan and female shirt. Green; on brown such as battery and tool box. Blue; on yellow such as paper. Lilac purple on orange such as safety vest. Clear on image such as matte coating on screen. Image on clear such as projector film. Natural; on natural such as engraving.