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Still overwhelmed with last nights crowning and how wonderful miss petite & miss curve albertinia was. Thank you to each and every person who made it possible , the organisers , charles and rodian , julle is yster , en kan n ding doen jong . Megan Vester jy en jou sussie het my so trots gemaak , 1ste en 2de prinsess curve , julle verdien dit opreg . I am sitting here , and reality has still not sunk in , that 2 years ago when i decided to start with this , i did not think i would be where i am today , and that is also all thanks to my wonderful mother Karen Swarts , Tannie Nelia who had THE dress ready for me because of last minute dramas ( i wanted to withdraw because of all the difficulties associated behind the scenes ; but in the end determination pulled me through ) , but i felt like a princess for the first time in my life , and thank you to my amazing other half affordable evening gown Jason Smith you are the reason i am who i am today , and i cannot thank you enough. It was so awesome for me to meet such amazing girls , and to have had the honor to do each girls make up and see all the amazing individual personalities is something sooo beautiful!
To each and every person who has always seen potential in me , thank you for you , and to each person who has criticised me and not seen me to get anywhere in life, thank you to you too , you gave me even more will power to show what im capable of.
Here i sit ,
Miss petite Albertinia 2018
I have a full scheduled year of reign lying ahead of me ; and you sure chose the right person for the job.

Thank you ? ?